Wednesday, 10 November 2010

General Update

I thought it was about to time to give a quick update after some recent developments!

The Charms Of The Sea installation project is nearing completion and is looking rather good. If you're in Scarborough from the 18th to the 28th of November be sure to call in at the Rotunda Museum. I will be present on a few ocassions to give any technical support as well as talk about the project with members of the public.

In other news, today I had the pleasure of hearing a talk by and meeting Satoshi Shiraishi, a Japanese musician and artist based in Holland. He gave a very intersting presentation on realtime timbre analysis and performance with a homemade digital instrument constructed from water pipes and a saxophone/clarinet mouthpiece! He also showed some great videos of previous performances/installations and demonstrated some very nice MaxMSP/Jitter patches including a fascinating 'realtime timbre space' rendering frequencies in a three-dimensional OpenGL environment.

It wasn't until after the talk and I was speaking to Satoshi that I discovered one of my lecturers had demonstrated my own iTouch Synth to him and I was very honoured to have an artist as talented as himself be so complimentary about my work! I also found out that he and I have both been undertaking similar exlplorations in the use of electric guitars with Arduino hardware, very spooky indeed.

Having been reminded of this today I thought I should give an update on 'Strat-O-Synth'. The project is now back on track and I have for the last few days been working on the framework of the FM synth that will be controllable with the Arduino circuitry I'm rigging up with my guitar and playable with the pitch-tracked guitar itself. The components will now be mounted to the guitar in some form of external enclosure that I am currently sourcing. Stay tuned for further updates!

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