Friday, 22 October 2010

'Strat-o-Synth' On Hold

It is with great regret that today I am putting my 'Strat-o-Synth' project on hold. The university deadline is still not that far off but after the amount of times I've stepped into my room to 'finish off' the hardware and walked away with it incomplete have pushed me to the point of rethinking the idea entirely. If I had a drawing board, I'd be going back to it right now.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll be doing it yet but the project will have be scaled back somewhat. The problem of squeezing everything inside the guitar produced more problems than I've mentioned here, including damaging the circuitry, forcing bits that shouldn't be touching to touch and various other issues that ended up with me fixing the project on most occasions.

Right now things are in a bit of a mess and certain bits are broken so I'm taking a break from both working on it and thinking about it. Hopefully the money and time I've invested into the project won't go to waste but I struggle to think how to change things whenever the project pops into my head so perhaps a break is best. Maybe I'll work on some of the software side for a while then think how I could apply some hardware control, I'll see.

Right now I've got other projects to work on as well people to chase up from other group projects that are dwindling slightly, this particular project will have to wait.

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