Sunday, 6 March 2011

March Update

Not much to report for this month:

  • The versions of my applications on my site seem to be okay now, just a couple of small problems that had to be fixed.
  • I now have a Twitter account which has a balance of personal and 'professional' posts, I'm trying to expand my online presence just a little more
  • Despite having a lot of work on at the moment for my final semester of university, I'm trying to come up with some cool stuff to do with my new Eigenharp Pico, it's certainly an interesting performance tool to experiment with. As I've said on some forums, as soon as I have something worth showing I'll try and get some videos sorted.
  • Next week should see my final recording sessions for my latest batch of material. As part of a module in which I'm submitting two collections of recordings, I've recorded some similar fusion-ish tracks similar to 'Drench' and will be recording some folk music with Frozen Gin next weekend. As soon as the tracks are ready for listening they will reach my Soundcloud and my site. Unfortunately, although I'd like to be more prolific in uploading tracks to both of these pages, I don't often have time or ever get round to finishing off any of my compositional or experimental ideas. After university, I'll make it my late new year's resolution to change this!
  • A friend of mine has just finished off mixing some tracks that a classic rock covers band I play with recorded last month. I play a little organ and Moog on the first 3 tracks, all pretty raw heavy rock. Give them a listen!
More updates soon, stay tuned!

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